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the New Breed of Barra Rods

In answer to the call for new and better tackle to properly handle the new breed of big impoundment barra, Millerods has designed an exciting new range of rods specifically for impoundment barra fishing, focusing on performance and durability as the main features.

It is a big ask of any genuine casting rod to be able to handle heavy drag and stop truly big strong fish. Typically, rods that will take the punishment feel less than average when asked to cast lures around a dam and the structure within it.

But the Camoufish Barra range of casting rods is robust and powerful, yet lightweight. The blanks are custom made exclusively for Millerods with a blend of graphites that achieve a certain balance of sensitivity, light-weight, power and durability.

And these Camoufish barra rods are different to look at as well! With handles made from a super-hard EVA in striking blue camo patterns and highlighted with silver metal handle and grip trims*, these rods look like no other! Most models are designed in split grip style for added ergonomic comfort, and by utilising ‘Spiral Wrap' guide placement performance is maximised. Available with either Fuji Alconite guides and titanium guide sets featuring Recoil Titanium Alloy wire guides and Fuji SiC Titanium tops for extra performance, corrosion resistance and durability.*

The New Breed Camoufish range of barra rods includes four models ranging in length from 5'9” to 6'4” (see spec's below).


Camoufish Barra – ‘Stab Stick'

Camoufish Barra – ‘Stab Stick' 5'9”/1.75m 1pc 20-45gm 8-15kg test

The Stab Stick is an amazing rod for fishing in areas where big fish need to be contained, and with lures such as hard-bodied divers that need to be fished at a depth then violently twitched. This is the rod to reach for when a no-nonsense approach is required for those ‘unlandable' beasts!

Camoufish Barra – ‘Boof Stick'

Camoufish Barra – ‘Boof Stick' 6'0”/1.83m 1pc 20-45gm 8-15kg test

 The Boof Stick is the impoundment all-rounder in the range of Millerods New Breed barra rods, as its length is suited to all the popular techniques both new and those tried and proven. It is long enough and light enough to give good line control and ‘feel' when fishing soft plastics; to rip and twitch hard-body bibbed minnows, and to cast surface lures at night – all with the in-built potent power that's needed!

Camoufish Barra – ‘Twitchin Stick'

Camoufish Barra – ‘Twitchin Stick' 6'0”/1.83m 1pc 15-45gm 6-12kg test

The Twitchin' Stick is slightly lighter than the Boof Stick, so while it is suited to all the same uses as its slightly stiffer sibling, it also works perfectly as a wild fish rod in the creeks, rivers and bays of northern Australia. A truly versatile rod that is equally at home in the fresh and saltwater barra haunts.

Camoufish Barra – ‘Hi-Roller'

Camoufish Barra – ‘Hi-Roller' 6'4”/1.93m 1pc 20-45gm 8-15kg test

The Hi-Roller is truly a cutting edge New Breed barra rod! If you enjoy slow-rolling shallow runners and surface lures at night, or specialising in soft plastic presentations, this is the rod for you! The extra length and LongCast handle deliver amazing casting distance that is ideal for the shallow bay presentations, and maximum line control for deep soft plastics work. And of course, it has ample grunt for controlling horse barra! Hurl it out and hang on…

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