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Ian's family based business 'The Australian Rod Builder Pty Ltd' is located on the south coast of NSW Australia (a few hours drive from Sydney) and ideally situated to take advantage of nearby fishing grounds for such diverse species as billfish, tuna, bass, bream, trout and more.

Ian's rod designing talents are also employed by several tackle companies, most notably Shimano Australia with whom Ian has continued a close professional association for many years. In collaboration with this company, Ian has designed many highly successful rod models, including two series of Shimano/'Steve Starling' rods, Steve Starling Squidgy rods, the Shimano/Ian Miller Millennium range, the new Raider Rods for specialist lure casting, and the Australian Tiagra rods, the most comprehensive production range of game fishing rods ever seen in Australia.

However, the main business of the Australian Rod Builder Pty Ltd continues to be designing and individually handcrafting fishing rods of the highest order. The benchmark 'Millerods' range incorporates over fifty individual models, and 'one-off' custom work is regularly undertaken. Ian sources the very best rod components worldwide for his many rods only using the leading original brand names as well as his own custom built blanks and handle fittings.

ARB maintains a unique situation in the rod making business. While the range is extensive, each item is truly a highly handcrafted product in the best tradition of custom made rods. Because only comparatively small quantities of rods are created each year, the attention to detail, methods of production and quality control are consistent, thorough and second to none. Ian is also able to monitor the components available and continually upgrade each and every model.

Ian's rods are uncompromising, his designs cutting edge. They have been proven the world over and are the proud possessions of anglers in every corner of the globe.

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