Tournament Shortstroker 37kg

Popular the world over, Ian Miller 37kg Tournament Shortstrokers have accounted for many huge gamefish, including grander marlin.


As the line class continues to increase, so the length of the rod continues to slightly decrease. This is to enable each line class to use the most effective overall length without imparting too much leverage on the angler.

Big game work with 37kg line is now almost exclusively with roller guides as the preferred guide option. Most anglers prefer to use a full set of Aftco Wind-On guides and top however WTE roller guides and top are also chosen for their increased performance aspects including the larger clearance allowing many types of knots, connections and attachments to easily pass over the rollers. WTE guides also offer sealed roller bearings, titanium components and high quality anodised alloy frames however this adds to the end price.  

The detachable butts used on 37kg and 80+ rods are short curved butts which deliver the safest, most stable and most comfortable operation for the angler. Line class 37kg rods feature #2 short curved butts while the ‘Mad Miller’ 80+ rods feature #4 x-short curved butts that accept even the largest reels.

Ian’s custom composite blank for this model has been a leader in stand-up game fishing rods for decades.

The Ian Miller Shortstroker action is internationally renowned for angler comfort and incredible fish-fighting power. The action is smooth, fast and powerful with just the right amount of deflection to fish the required strike action comfortably yet still have plenty in reserve if required.  


-Millerods custom composite graphite/glass line class blank

-Stuart Manufacturing B&G Z2SC curved 2pc detachable butt

-Leather/cork fore grip -Aftco WO guide set – B&G

-Aftco B&G SHD roller tip-top

-Woven marlin thread art

-B&G binding format

-Overall length 5’4”.  

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