Camoufish Barra Stilleto

The Barra Stiletto is a compact powerful spin rod originally designed for landing big barra in bad country!

5'5"      1pc             Med-Fast action            5‑10kg Test       15‑40gm   

The Barra Stiletto is a pocket rocket originally designed for fishing writer Dave Green who was looking for a specialist barra fishing tool for big impoundment barra in bad country.  

The Barra Stiletto is light in the hand but deceptively powerful and many a huge barra has been extracted from timber in our impoundments and rivers by Dave and other anglers following his footsteps. It has also landed many tropical species most of which are knocked over surprisingly quickly!  

In Dave’s words, “this little stick… is a far superior fish fighting tool for big fish where you can short pump the fish and keep it coming towards you. This is a truly brilliant bit of gear with incredible power.”    

- Millerods custom graphite blank

- Split Grip handle with Fuji counterweighted butt cap with removable weights

- Fuji SBS seat

- Custom shaped Camoufish x-firm EVA grips (Flor-Plus Cork also available)

- Fuji SiC guides and top (Fuji titanium SiC guides also available)    


*Greenie’s favourite!  

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